BM & English (DLP)

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Advantanges of Our Course

☑ Easy to focus bite-size, lively video lessons.

☑ Every question comes with solution video explaining the detail steps. 

☑ Students learn at own manageable pace.

☑ Lively teaching method.

☑ Materials available throughout the year 24/7.

Kelebihan kursus kami

✔ Pelajaran dibahagikan kepada pembahagian-pembahagian kecil yang senang untuk difocus agar mudah difahami。

✔Setiap soalan diberi video penerangan memberi jalan penyelesaian untuk mendapat jawapan.

✔Para pelajar akan belajar mengikut kadar pecutan masing-masing.

✔Metod cara pengajaran yang menarik & tidak membosankan.

✔Bahan pengajaran sedia ada sepanjang tahun 24/7.



      卢慎卓        SMK Kota Kemuning

I found the instruction by teacher Max very clear. I start to re-gain my confidence in maths and I am not afraid of difficult questions anymore.  Now I learn comfortably at home. It feels really cool.

自从有了MathKing后,我儿子每星期都会安排两天的时间来学习,学习后再做math king里的练习题。他对Max老师的讲解都非常明白,做起练习就没有问题。


林丽丝   学生家长
徐钰涵    日新中学

开始用《数学王》感觉有点不习惯,但是发现 —— 我竟然都听得懂。我不会做的数学,都有示范,结果都会做了。哈哈!而且又没有老师骂。我对做数学更有信心了。

Sam Kok Chim

Master in Education (E- Learning)  Author of reference book

There are strengths and weaknesses to different mode of teaching. Online teaching do have an edge over other modes of teaching in certain aspects. 1. Online teaching can be more lively with the assistance of technology. 2. The students can learn at the pace that suits them. The smarter students don't feel bored for slow delivery of lessons and the slower students don’t feel left behind because the teaching is too fast. Often times this is the issue that produce feelings of frustration and lead to losing interest in studies. 3. The students can listen to lecture and do exercises over and over. Its a convenient tool for revision.

However there is a lack of interaction between teachers and students in online teaching. Most of the online teaching website these days offer lectures. Those come with exercises only provide answers. In Mathking, every question comes with a video explained solution. This makes it stand out from other teaching websites. To a large extent this answer a major weakness of online teaching, i.e, when the student can’t do a question, there is no one to ask. I gladly recommend